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5G the new generation of data technology and the futuristic experience of upcoming generation technology 2020 - 2022

5G the new generation of data technology and the futuristic experience of upcoming generation technology 2020 - 2022 Credit- CPO ...

5G the new generation of data technology and the futuristic experience of upcoming generation technology 2020 - 2022

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Credit- CPO Magazine

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Hello world,

We are going to discuss 5G data technology, this is the upcoming generation of data technology of the world. It is the futuristic data technology that is we are waiting for. We have lots of excitement of our upcoming 5G modern data technology.

The 5G is change our day to day life , living  standard experience. Before discussing about 5G first of all we need to know our previous technology then we can able to compare the 5G.

First thing is that, I thing you may arise a question, the question is that; What is G?. The G is meant by Generation of data technology. 

The 1G has come in the year 1980, on that moment we can able to use just only voice call, this is the base on analog radio frequency. After that in the year 1991, we are able to perform 2G the 2nd Generation technology with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology. It is based on digital technology. but the thing is that we can just access only Voice call and Text massaging with slow internet connectivity. But we are not stop there, the upcoming generation coming by the name of 3G the 3rd generation of mobile data network technology in the year 1998 introduced ,then we are capable to voice call , Text massaging and reliable internet connectivity that we access internet in full swing but in India the data price is very costlier. After one decade you can say in the year 2008 the new technology has come powerful mobile data network. It is the 4G network with LTE standard . LTE extant for Long Term Evolution. When that time people are got this network they think that it is sufficient for them but the thing is that technology never stop for any one. After a few month Reliance Jio provided 4G VoLTE that means Voice Over LTE network, Then i thing question arises your mind what is Voice over LTE network. In a simple way if I say, it is the one kind of voice call improvement generation that mean decade and decade we are trying improve mobile data network, but we are never try to improve the voice call network but in 4G VoLTE we are improved voice call quality much better than that of previous generation network. We can able to call in HD. Now the nature of technology that is never stops. We are on the way 5G technology.

I hope you have arise a new question, I know you have lots of question but i going to give question’s answers respectively.

#What is the technology use for 5G? and how is it better than 4G VoLTE.

The thing is the we are using Millimetre wave technology that is one kind of radio wave. Millimetre wave technology that is same as the technology which is based on domestic microwave , that is we used for cocking food but in this case frequency is higher than that of domestic microwave. In involved small science. What is it, I am saying, If we higher the frequency of the wave step by step then it smaller than that of previous than that of the frequency of the wave, One problem arise here that is range of the frequency is short if we higher the frequency again and again the the range of the frequency shorter than that of previous one. The range  is 1m to 10m approximately. But we can resolved the issue by using small cell tower in short distance and we can continue the same thing again and again in short range. Because of having lots of cell tower in short distance we can able to access better network. And one thing is that is this one of the small science is the antenna of a mobile always be a one fourth of the wave length of the frequency then we can use small antenna band in pair of two, four and so on. That is why we used MIMO technology. MIMO technology means multiple input, multiple output, we understand that there where lots of input-output involved. In this 5G frequency is very high for intense- 28 Ghz, 37Ghz, 38Ghz, 39Ghz, 42Ghz and 60 Ghz and more may in future.

#What is problem occur in 5G technology due to short range?

Because of short range of the 5G technology signal drop. If some building come in front of radio wave then it not work in a proper manner. such as in the humidity high in the atmosphere then the same thing occurs. Due to that if we try to use 28 Ghz in rainy session then same concern has come. We know that our DTH service works on 12 Ghz in the case of rain some the the rain cause of concern for working in a DTH service.

#Then What shall I do for it

same the I mention on the above, we can use lots of small cell tower nearby places and buildings for better network. And we can use Beamforming from the adjacent cell because sending an energy in particular direction to particular device. Because of sending particular position we can 
get better strength, with the help of this technics we can over come the 5G Network problems.

#What is the Benefits of 5G Network?

There are so many sectors we have got benefited, due to that there are lots of limitless  application of 5G network.

  • High speed; 100% faster than that of current 4G VoLTE network.
  • Upload and download speed; The mesmerising speed we can get. High speed downloading for  intense. we can get 10 to 20 Gbps speed it is may depend on SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non- standalone) network technology. and we can download 2 and 1/2 our movie in just 3.5 minutes. we can get amazing upload speed that we can’t imagine. 4K videos downloading and some large file we can able to download very fast.
  • Gaming; We can able to play game without or low latency. The experience of gaming is extremely change.
  • Remote surgery; The remote surgery possible now a days but main thing is that doctors are able to perform remote surgery one country to an other country without any issue, they can performed the task in real time for example it is 300 times faster of our eyes blinking.
  • Self driving cars and smart traffic; We can able to access self driving car and smart traffic with low rate of rate accident. In this case the sensors for the car able to communicate of each other, that is why a car knows of it position, direction and speed. Because all car sensors are communicating of each other or traffic, so that the traffic jam of a particular place may not be possible or low. all the thing automatically work together.
  • Smart Factories; Because of having 5G we can able to see smart factories. The production of a smart factory higher than that of normal factory. Due to that the automated robotic arms and devices work together, it can be possible to communicate for one system to an other system.
  • IOT- In case of The Internet Of Things we can see advancement, due to that all the light, refrigerators, and so one thing communicate of each that is why we can see our advance smart home.

*The application of the 5G , we can say endless but we know that  technology never stop, we can see lots of advancement in our near future.

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