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What is server? And how is it work?

What is server? And how is it work? Credit- TechWinter Hello World, I’m Sujit Kumar Paswan, I am going to simplify about ser...

What is server? And how is it work?

What Are Computer Hosting Servers? | TechWinter - Technology News ...
Credit- TechWinter
Hello World,

I’m Sujit Kumar Paswan, I am going to simplify about server the question arises here what is server and how is it work? If we try to understand word server in English the meaning comes from server that is give us services or serving something. In the internet server playing important role due to that without server we can’t imagine internet due to that server is the crucial part of internet.

In this case we are going to talking about server in technical basis, So, here we go, Server is a computer which is provide service or serve data to client computer, For intense - When we request some service through apps and browser with help of smartphone or any types of computer and gadget which is connect with internet. Then server serve  the data to client computer or you can say your own smartphone, smart gadget and personal computer.

The second question arises here, how is it work?. The thing is that first of all we have to know about internet and how’s it work. The internet is the net of computer or you can say that for of device with is connect with internet that is create network of internet. All computers, smartphone and smart gadgets are connected each other and it is communicated each other with the help of internet. There are some interested things are involve that is submarine cables and you can say in an other word that is fibre optics cables, these are connect the whole globe. And these cables are connected to server. When we request some thing then server send us data with the help of fiberoptic cable and these cables are are linked with ISP that meant Internet Service Provider. And ISP give us data network with the help of fibre optics cables or broadband service and smartphone data network in simple way you can say mobile data network. But we have to obey some rule and protocol this type of protocol work as an identity on internet that is called IP or IP address that means Internet Protocol. This type of IP addresses provide by ISP. When we request something with the help of computer and mobile first of all its go through ISP and to server and server send data to our client computer and our apps and browsers download the data then we can read and write. And an other question arises here, why do we need server?. Because of this server very crucial for internet due to that some company create data centre. This data is the backbone of internet or this data centre uses high-end hardware for processing the request of data this data centre’s server operated with the high-end software because it is needed to work 24x7 without latency. That is why these data centre need 24x7 power and cooling facilities to run this data centre and these data centre work as a storage of data this type of service called web hosting, this sort of hosting service try to make backup services because if the data centres are not working proper manner then website our face lots of losses and user not get proper service then client and service provider not also involve there are lots of problem occur in the globe if data service not work due to that in this era information technology is one of the most important thing for any types of services.

Yes, We can able to create data server in our office and home the thing is that we need high-end computing devices , 24x7 power and cooling facilities and this server need to connect internet for 24x7 to internet. This sort of thing very costly or problematic. That is why people take rent from data server of web hosting provider due to that they do hard work to store the data and do every thing to run data centre in a proper manner like they do backup for data, they give all facilities to the data centre. If they can not then it huge concern for website company but it is not seen probably occur this sort of issue. Due to that they do best for data server services. And the website work on web server.
There are many types of server, for intense-
-   Proxy Server
-   Mail Server
-   Server Platforms
-   Web Server
-   Application Server
  • Real - Time Communication Server
  • FTP Server
  • Collaboration Server
  • List Server
  • Open Source server
  • Virtual server and more.

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